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Dr. Zafar Mirza's article on SHINE Humanity in Dawn News

Dr. Zafar Mirza, former Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Health, recounts his visit to SHINE Humanity.

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Digitization of the Zia Abbas Haider Memorial Clinic

The SHINE Zia Abbas Haider Memorial Clinic adopts the Electronic Medical Records System of storing patient data.


Aziz & Razia Dharamsey Family Foundation Donates to Help Treat Malaria Outbreak

As a result of their generosity, SHINE continues the fight against the outbreak of Malaria in Sindh's rural communities.

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The Impact of Malaria on Rural Areas of Pakistan

Unfortunately, two out of the five malaria-causing parasites, Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax, are highly dangerous, and both of them are present in Pakistan.

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SHINE Humanity Chicago Fundraiser 2023

Details on the SHINE Humanity Chicago Fundraiser 2023

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How Can Training Programs Reduce the Risk of Infant and Neonatal Mortality?

Especially in rural areas, where the literacy rate is low, and the trend of home births is high, awareness and education can make a huge difference.

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Helping Babies Survive (HBS) Workshop at Sohail Trust Hospital

A workshop on neonatal resuscitation conducted by master trainers from Jinnah Sindh Medical University and facilitated by SHINE Humanity at the Sohail Trust Hospital.

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MoU signing with the Government of Sindh to curb the spread of Hepatitis C in Pakistan

In the MoU signing, Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Dharejo – Additional Director of the CDC Hepatitis Control Program represented the Government of Sindh, while Dr. Asghar Naqvi, General Secretary, represented SHINE Humanity.

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A medical milestone achieved

A remarkable 14,644 patients were screened by our doctors at various SHINE Clinics in August 2023.

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Annual Fundraiser - Pakistan (2023)

Details about the Annual Fundraiser 2023 Pakistan

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MoU with the Health Foundation to eradicate Hepatitis C in Pakistan

SHINE Humanity and the Health Foundation renewed their partnership to curb the spread of Hepatitis C in Pakistan.

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Mobile Urgent Care Units (MUC)

SHINE Humanity's one-of-a-kind healthcare service on wheels.

Waste Management Workshop with Irverde

A waste management training session was organized in collaboration with Irverde, to highlight the importance of reusing and recycling in order to decrease the quantity of waste being produced in the healthcare sector.

Launch of the SHINE Humanity Gul Lot Clinic in Nagarparkar

In partnership with the Gul Lot family, SHINE Humanity is thrilled to announce the launch of our first medical facility ‘SHINE Humanity Gul Lot Clinic’ in Nagarparkar (Thar District).

Ramadan Ration Drive with Karachi Relief Trust

In collaboration with the Karachi Relief Trust, the Aziz & Razia Dharamsey Family Foundation funded a Ramadan Ration Drive for the underprivileged.

First Hypertension Research Award

SHINE Humanity's abstract on Undiagnosed Hypertension and Diabetes has been accepted for a presentation at the 1st Hypertension Research Award in Hyderabad, Pakistan.

Vehicle Donation by Foundation Wind Energy Ltd.

Wind Energy Ltd. has made generous contribution to our mission of expanding primary healthcare for the ones in need.

Medical Camp at Kot Dijji - a Collaboration with Rotary Club

As part of its flood relief efforts, SHINE Humanity held a medical camp in Kot Dijji, Khairpur district in collaboration with the Rotary Club, to provide medical assistance to flood-affected residents.


SHINE Humanity Malaria Program 2022

Updates on the Malaria Program conducted by SHINE Humanity.



A One-Health approach emphasizes the health of people, animals, and the environment we share. In recent years, it has become necessary to adopt this type of approach as humans have established settlements in closer proximity to wild and domesticated animals, which provides ample opportunities for the spread of disease. These diseases are known as Z...

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Mobile Urgent Care Clinic Inauguration

The monsoon rains may have ended, but the flood-ravaged areas remain without health care. In an effort to address this issue and provide primary healthcare to inaccessible rural areas. SHINE Humanity launched its ''Mobile Urgent Care Clinic'' on 19th Jan 2023, at Comm 3, Clifton, Karachi. This clinic has been generously sponsored by The Aziz and Ra...

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Healthcare partner for KDSP carnival 2023

We had a wonderful time at the @karachidownsyndromeprogram Carnival 2023. It was a pleasure being a part of this inclusive event and experiencing the talent on display. Our team of experts saw patients and advised them on issues like blood pressure, fever and feet pain.


RO Plant Inauguration at Darsa Noor Village

Shine humanity is pleased to announce the installation of a new RO plant in Darsa Noor Village as a part of the Paani Project, which is a program established to ensure the supply of safe and clean drinking water in rural communities. This plant will supply 5000 gallons of clean water daily to the families of Darsa Noor Village.


SHINE ARY UK Ramadan Telethon

Update about SHINE's Ramadan activities

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SHINE Pakistan's first Fundraiser

Event update

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MoU with Salim Habib University

This article updates about our partnership with Salim Habib university.

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Sunehra Lamha: An Update on the Neonatal Workshop 2022

An update on our program, Helping Babies Survive - Sunehra Lamha. Sunehra Lamha refers to the "golden minute"-the first minute after birth. It is a Helping Babies Survive (HBS) workshop which is a neonatal resuscitation curriculum developed on the premise that assessment at birth and simple newborn care can prevent infant mortality.

Chairman's Farewell

Mr. Ali Naqvi concluded his tenure as the Chairman of SHINE's Pakistan Board.


Winter Donation Drive

SHINE Humanity distributed warm winter wear to villages across Pakistan to equip them for the season.


Red cap partners with SHINE Humanity

SHINE took a step towards greater data transparency and decision making through its collab with Redcap


Diabetes screening at Chilia with Getz Pharma

Diabetes screening at Chilia with Getz pharma

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First successful training with Salim Habib University

Details about our first training with SHU

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First Aid training at Gharo

First Aid training at Gharibsons Pvt ltd



In December, I was looking for internships after the end of my first semester. I searched on IBA Job portal and all of a sudden, I saw the SHINE Humanity Winter Internship Program. As I dug in deep, I...


18th Biennal International Scientific Conference

Update about SHINE's latest HBS workshop (18th Biennal International Scientific Conference)

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