RO Plant Inauguration at Darsa Noor Village


RO Plant Inauguration at Darsa Noor Village


 Oct 16, 2023

As part of preventive care, SHINE launched the "Paani Project" to address the underlying problem which causes most diseases like diarrhea, cholera, and skin infections in underprivileged communities-contaminated water. According to Globalwaters, only 36% of Pakistan's population has access to clean and safely managed water.
To alleviate this problem, we installed RO plants to provide safe drinking water to people.

Shine Humanity is pleased to announce the installation of a new RO plant in Darsa Noor Village as a part of the Paani Project, which is a program established to ensure the supply of safe and clean drinking water in rural communities. This plant will supply 5000 gallons of clean water daily to the families of Darsa Noor Village.
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