Red cap partners with SHINE Humanity


Red cap partners with SHINE Humanity

 By Aiesha Q.

 Dec 06, 2022

We are proud to announce that Shine Humanity has recently partnered with REDCap, a leading electronic data capture system, which is responsible for collecting and designing clinical databases. Including Shine Humanity there are only 17 other institutions partnered with REDCap; this is an accomplishment and step forward for Shine as data collection surveys are critical for healthcare institutions. Collecting data is essential for healthcare organizations as it allows us to understand and identify the areas which need focus along with the overall picture of the sector. If these surveys were not conducted, databases would not be formed; without databases it would be next to impossible to assess the performance of the organization on the healthcare sector. By partnering with REDCap, Shine Humanity has gained access to information which should be beneficial to our operations; we hope that this partnership proves fruitful and contributes towards a better healthcare sector.

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