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Tumor Board Establishment Facilitation Forum (TEFF – JSMU chapter) Conducts Breast Cancer Awareness Sessions


 Oct 27, 2023

Tumor Board Establishment Facilitation Forum (TEFF – JSMU chapter), a student-run organization supervised by Dr. Fatima Shaukat, consultant radiation oncologist at CyberKnife, JPMC, conducted two Breast Cancer Awareness Sessions for our employees at our Head Office, and at the SHINE Garibsons Clinic in Gharo.  

TEFF’s primary goal is to improve cancer care for patients, and also spread cancer awareness through different measures and platforms, aiming to save lives and support patients.

These sessions covered the prevalence and statistics of breast cancer in Pakistan, taught and emphasized the importance of self examinations, refuted commonly assumed myths, and explained treatment plans offered to patients in Pakistan’s hospitals. 

As Breast Cancer Awareness month draws to a close, we are very thankful to the TEFF team for providing our employees with the critical knowledge and warning signs all individuals must be aware of, in light of breast cancer. 

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