Karachi Eat's First-Aid Partner

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Karachi Eat's First-Aid Partner


 Jan 12, 2024

SHINE Humanity served as the official first aid partner of Karachi Eat 2024, held in January. Our container-based urgent care clinic - the SHINE Humanity Mobile Urgent Care Unit, was parked at the event and had medical professionals on board, along with essential medications. 

Our clinic’s medical equipment included blood pressure apparatus, masks, stethoscope, basic medicines such as pain killers, first aid box (bandages, gauze, alcohol swabs, gloves, etc.), and a patient bed.

The medical team comprised of doctors from our Zia Abbas Haider Memorial Clinic (KGH) and public health volunteers. They efficiently managed various health-related issues, including general health check-ups, blood pressure monitoring, and advice on preventive healthcare measures. 

Additionally, attendees received free consultations and health awareness, particularly those with high blood pressure issues. Such attendees were told to avoid eating oily foods at the festival, and promote a better understanding of maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the long term.

Overall, SHINE Humanity’s appearance at Karachi Eat Food Festival allowed us to deliver quality healthcare services and provide information to the public. 

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