SHINE Humanity Malaria Program 2022


SHINE Humanity Malaria Program 2022

 By Ummehani Nawed

 Feb 07, 2023

SHINE Humanity’s Malaria program focuses on identifying and recording 3 species of Malaria. The first two are “Pf” which stands for Plasmodium falciparum and “Pv” which stands for Plasmodium vivax. The third is a mixed species which is diagnosed when both PV and PF are detected. “Pf” species of Malaria constitutes a severe form of the disease, whereas “Pv”, although still considered a very serious disease, is a less severe manifestation of Malaria. If diagnosed early, both forms are easily treated and completely curable.

Our program conducted 1489 Malaria tests over the year of 2022. The total number of positive tests for the year were 354, hence a positivity rate of 23.8 percent. The greatest number of tests were performed in October and September with the number of tests at 333 and 324, respectively.

In the monsoon season, the test positivity rate was the greatest in the month of August at 75 out of 227 total tests conducted, or 33 percent. This was followed by the month of September, which had the most positive tests throughout the year at 105 out of 324 total tests conducted, or a positivity rate of 32.5 percent.

Across the 2022 year, it can be noted that the Pv species, which is the less acute species of Malaria, has been recorded in higher numbers as compared to the more serious Pf species. For example, in the month of September, there were 75 positive cases of Pv and 30 positive cases of Pf out of 324 tests conducted. Additionally, in the month of October, there were 63 positive cases of Pv and 20 positive cases of Pf out of a total 333 tests conducted.

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