Habib University Career Connect


Habib University Career Connect


 Feb 17, 2024

On the 17th of February, SHINE Humanity visited Habib University’s Career Connect for an opportunity to meet students and young graduates.

Our team had an enlightening time meeting Habib University’s inquisitive students, who provided insightful and intellectual discussions regarding the topic of medical care in rural areas. Social Policy and Development students were impressed by our initiative and were very interested in being a part of our journey.

Many students were interested in our Public Health internships and Research Associate roles, and our team was given an opportunity to provide career counseling and match their interests to relevant career fields.

Our engagement activities included a Spin-the-Wheel stand which all students thoroughly enjoyed. They participated in trivia quizzes for the chance to win SHINE Humanity merchandise and posed with our Instagram frames.

SHINE is thankful to all our visitors who have the power to change our society for the better and we wish them the best of luck in their future careers.

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