First successful training with Salim Habib Univers...

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First successful training with Salim Habib University

 By Aiesha Q

 Dec 05, 2022

In the World Health Organization performance report, Pakistan is ranked 122nd out of 190 countries and 154th among 195 countries in terms of quality of healthcare, according to a

Lancet study. However, during the past five decades Pakistan’s health care quality has been inching towards improvement.

SHINE humanity has embarked on a mission to ensure that our quality of health care is aligned with, and up to date with the international standard of health practices. On the

28th  of June 2022, our doctors attended a training session at Salim Habib University about the “Rational Use of Antibiotics”. This ensures that our patients in the Rural Regions of Pakistan, receive the best possible treatment for their condition and are given the correct dose for the correct duration of time.

We are grateful to Salim Habib University and INTELLECT DOCTORS FORUM for allowing us to enhance our health care practices, but SHINE humanity could use your donations to

further our cause of eradicating antibiotic resistance and other adverse effects caused due to the mishandling of medicines.

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