First Aid training at Gharo

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First Aid training at Gharo

 By Aiesha Q.

 Jul 05, 2022

First aid training is an imperative skill that every individual across the board should acquire, because “safety doesn’t happen by accident,” and learning First aid could very possibly

make a difference between life and death. Not only does first aid save lives but if administered immediately after an accident it could cause a long-term disability to abate to a temporary one. The second round of First Aid Training workshops at GARIBSONS (PVT) LTD was held on 25th June 2022 in collaboration with First Response Initiative of Pakistan. Altogether this training program allowed us to enlighten a notable number of 90 factory workers and equip them to manage any injuries or diseases that they may contract.

We are very grateful to FRIP for facilitating these workshops and allowing us to empower factory workers through health literacy and training.

Reaching out to local communities and imparting them knowledge and awareness remains an important way for us to promulgate health literacy and empower

communities at the grassroots level.

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