About Us



Naila Ahmed

Executive Director

Naila is an MFA gold medalist from Punjab University and has worked as a free-lance children’s book Illustrator. She has been part of Shehri CBE, a non profit based out of Karachi Pakistan, working with them to help save parks and open spaces of Karachi. She has researched and authored a book in 3 volumes on the same topic. After moving to the US in 2011 she joined SHINE Humanity in 2014 and has been associated with the organization in various capacities till now.


Rubina Husain

Executive Assistant

Rubina is part of our administrative team at SHINE Humanity. She has worked in various sectors in Pakistan and the US.


Faheem Khan

Chief Operating Officer

Faheem Khan has engaged in multiple endeavors through the 15 years of his professional career. He has helped Habib University by creating a world-class Wellness Program for its students which encompasses a holistic approach to learning and being healthy. Most recently Faheem has worked for NOWPDP, which is an NGO helping People with Disabilities in Pakistan.

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Aiesha Qureshi

Associate: External Relations

Aiesha has an undergraduate degree in Social Sciences and liberal arts with a major in History. She specializes in research, content creation and digital marketing. She wrote her undergraduate research on “Documenting Karachi from the feminine gaze” . Aiesha aims to empower local communities through her contributions in the development sector.


Zaheer Laghari

Senior Project Manager

Zaheer has been with SHINE Humanity since 2013. He has held various positions with SHINE and oversees our everyday operations in Thatta.

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Uzair Mahmood

Public Health Specialist

Dr.Uzair has graduated from Queens University with an MPH in Public Health and has extensive experience in the healthcare industry. He has previously worked as a Program Manager at Civil Hospital, Research Associate at Indus Hospital as well as a lecturer in Northern Ireland. Dr. Uzair has also served as a Master Trainer for SHINE’s Helping Babies Survive Program. Dr Uzair specializes in Infectious diseases and public health and has 30+ publications with 100+ citations.

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Ayesha Muhammad

Program Associate

Ayesha has an undergraduate degree in Social Sciences and Liberal Arts with a Psychology major. She has previously worked as a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner and is passionate about helping the community around her through holistic mental health interventions that promote wellness.


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