Sunehra Lamha: An Update on the Neonatal Workshop...

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Sunehra Lamha: An Update on the Neonatal Workshop 2022

 By Ummehani Nawed

 Jan 27, 2023

One of the key sustainable development goals put forth by the United Nations (UN), agreed upon by all countries, is to reduce the Under-five mortality rate and the Neonatal mortality rate to at least 25 per 1000 deaths and 12 per 1000 deaths by 2030, respectively. SHINE Humanity’s solution to this rampant problem in Pakistan is “Sunehra Lamha'', a training program to equip medical professionals and non-professionals alike with essential skills that will allow them to provide adequate healthcare to newborns. This program is in the vein of Helping Babies Survive, which is a recognized initiative of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

The workshop was spearheaded by Dr. Syed Uzair Mahmood alongside 8 Master Trainers. It was attended by 30 OB-GYN specialists and students, who imparted the knowledge they had gained in our workshop to their local hospitals and the midwives under their employ. The techniques they are taught are used to support the lives of infants who are unable to breathe on their own.

In the absence of infant life-saving equipment, SHINE distributed 4 training kits to tertiary care hospitals around Karachi to conduct routine training of the prospective medical team.

Lastly, SHINE is dedicated to furthering the cause of reducing infant mortality across Pakistan and with additional funding, we plan to expand to other provinces like KPK considering strong ties of SHINE Humanity with local stakeholders eager to start similar training in their province.




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