Medical Camp at Kot Dijji - a Collaboration with R...

Medical Camp at Kot Dijji - a Collaboration with Rotary Club

 By Hareem Khalid Baig

 Mar 21, 2023

This four-day camp was held from 18th March to 21st March, in partnership with Rotary Club Karachi - Sunset Millennium treated a total of 1432 patients. During the recent floods, the small historic town of Kot Dijji was submerged under nine feet of water. Just recently, the water receded from the area, leaving devastation behind. In addition to losing their homes and livelihoods, people's health has suffered greatly.

Rotary club president Mr Sohail Rangoowala and other board members also visited the camp, along with SHINE Humanity Executive Director, Naila Ahmed. We are very grateful to Mohammad Abbas Balauch, the Secretary Minorities Affairs Department and a resident of the area, for providing support and hospitality to Shine Humanity and Rotary Club Karachi - Sunset Millennium. 

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