MoU with Salim Habib University

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MoU with Salim Habib University

 By Aiesha Q

 Jan 16, 2023

Averaging 6.8 per 1000 people, Pakistan’s death rate has been a cause of concern for several decades. The main benefactors for it being infectious, pulmonary and cancer related diseases, just to name a few. Due to these reasons, Pakistan is in dire need of a well-functioning healthcare system which unfortunately it does not currently possess. Different organizations in Pakistan are trying to build a better healthcare system to secure Pakistan’s future and a prospective step towards achieving this goal was accomplished at Salim Habib University where a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed among the involved parties namely: SHINE Humanity, Salim Habib University and Intellect Doctors Forum Pakistan.

The purpose of this agreement is to ensure that proper training is received by SHINE Humanity’s doctors who would be familiarized with the latest treatment protocols and offered professional growth by the training provided by Intellect Doctors Forum. Salim Habib University has generously offered the use of their classrooms and lecture halls for these training sessions as part of the MoU. SHINE Humanity will also provide internship opportunities to the students of Salim Habib University to get programmatic and on field experience through SHINE Humanity’s projects. Seeing the success of the first ever seminar held under the MoU, it acts as a source of optimism towards a flourishing future envisioning a better healthcare system in Pakistan.


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