Located in Gharo, and managed in collaboration with Garibson’s, this clinic is run by a team of 4 qualified doctors who provide outpatient primary care, preventive health education and antenatal services. In house pharmacy, ultrasound and referral services to hospitals in the city are also available.Though patients pay a nominal amount for consultations, three days of medications are provided free of cost. Chronic patients receive a regular supply of life saving medications from the clinic.


This clinic is located in Koohi Goth, Malir District and provides free primary healthcare. Keeping in mind the dire state of maternal and child health in Pakistan-this clinic was launched as a one-doctor Women’s clinic and has been sponsored by Mumtaz and Munawar Haider in memory of their son.


Located in Mirpur Sakro this clinic is built and funded by the Zohra and Mumtaz Welfare Trust. Since January 2020, SHINE Humanity has been managing the clinic, treating an average of 60 patients a day at this modern facility. This clinic is located about 25 kilometers from Gharo, surrounded by numerous villages that until now have had no access to quality healthcare.


SHINE Humanity adopted a satellite clinic model to provide healthcare access to remote communities in Thatta. Through weekly visits, our dedicated doctors provide consultations to communities in Gul Hassan Samo, Peer Daryabad and Var Town

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We inaugurated this clinic in February 2022 in collaboration with NOWPDP, a disability inclusive non-profit which runs the "Moriro Markaz"- a school for disabled children. This clinic is situated in the exterior of the Moriro Markaz and is a one-doctor clinic which provides free primary healthcare to the people of Sujawal as well as to the students of Moriro Markaz. We are very grateful to Aziz and Razia Dharamsey Family Foundation for this kind donation.

The Thar district of Sindh, inclusive of Nagarparkar, is one of Pakistan's most neglected regions, with insufficient access to healthcare, clean and safe drinking water, and alarming rates of maternal and child mortality. With the support of our generous donors Gul Lot and his family, SHINE Humanity has launched its first clinic in Thar District. Situated in the border town of Nagarparkar, the clinic caters to the needs of under-served communities in the area, providing much needed primary healthcare services. We will soon be starting our signature programs such as the Community Outreach Program and Malnutrition Program, which are essential to combat stunted growth - a very serious issue faced by the children of Thar.


Sponsored by The Aziz & Razia Family Foundation and built specifically for the benefit of flood-affected people, and to reach the more inaccessible areas of rural Sindh, SHINE has two state of the art. Mobile Urgent Care Units which are equipped with all the tools needed to provide effective and immediate care to under-served communities. These clinics have a dedicated medical staff consisting of doctors and nurses, medicines and medical equipment on board, and move from one area to another, providing services along the way.

SHINE Humanity, with the help of the Livestock and Fisheries Department in Sindh has adopted an abandoned dispensary to set up a primary healthcare facility in Chilya. Catering to a community of fishermen and their families, this clinic is the only source of healthcare within a 40-kilometer radius. The clinic started off as a basic healthcare container clinic, however, with the support of a generous donor, SHINE Humanity has built this facility and now introduced vital healthcare intervention programs including the Hepatitis Eradication and Community Outreach Programs amongst others.

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