Our Values

Universal Healthcare for all

Transparency and trust

Technological innovation

Community empowerment

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide access to free quality primary healthcare to every Pakistani irrespective of their class, background, caste, ethnicity etc.


Primary healthcare is the first contact between a patient and a doctor. A strong primary healthcare system goes a long way in reducing hospitalizations, detecting diseases early to prevent further harm, improving life expectancy and health literacy in underserved and neglected areas.. 

Our Vision

We want every Pakistani to have access to quality primary health care regardless of their class, caste, location etc. Our mission is to provide quality primary healthcare in rural areas of Pakistan and remove the inequality between urban and rural healthcare systems.

Our Impact

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Red cap partners with SHINE Humanity

SHINE took a step towards greater data transparency and decision making through its collab with Redcap

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18th Biennal International Scientific Conference

Update about SHINE's latest HBS workshop (18th Biennal International Scientific Conference)

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SHINE ARY UK Ramadan Telethon

Update about SHINE's Ramadan activities

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