Considering the alarming rate of Diabetes in Pakistan, SHINE launched a holistic Diabetes Program which encompasses medicinal treatment, lifestyle counselling, nutritional support as well as eye care. The program costs $230/year for a patient, and we aim to treat 200 diabetes patients by the end of 2023. With the collaboration of Hussaini Blood Bank and test labs, we have screened a vast number of Diabetes patients. We also monitor patients' blood pressure and obesity levels to ensure a holistic treatment.




Pakistan has the second highest burden of Hepatitis C according to the latest findings of Lancet. Therefore, to tackle this endemic-SHINE launched its Hepatitis program in collaboration with the Health Foundation which encompasses screenings, confirmation as well as treatment and prevention. We provide vaccination services for prevention of Hepatitis B and our Hepatitis C program provides a medicinal treatment of 12-24 weeks. Currently there are 140+ people enrolled in our Hepatitis C program, with a success rate of 80%. 

Sehat Agahi (Community Outreach)

SHINE Humanity has collaborated with Gharibsons to initiate a Community Outreach Program geared at spreading health and hygiene awareness, engaging with communities, and offering services to tackle their most pressing health needs. Our Community Health Workers conduct house-to-house visits to provide awareness material, nutritional supplements as well as contraceptives to women and other community members.



Malaria Program

Pakistan has one of the highest prevalence of Malaria with 3.38 people out of 1000 suffering from this disease. Thus, we launched a Malaria Program which provides screening and treatment services for Malaria in Thatta. We have treated 2000 patients in the last five years successfully with a success rate of 99%. 

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