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Tsunami Rehabilitation: Mental Health Support Project

Initiation: Oct. 8th, 2011
Completion: Dec 8th, 2011
Number of beneficiaries: 1789 contacts

Partners: Kokoro Wellness Network (KWN), Primary Care Action Team(PCAT) and International Development and Relief Foundation

Context: In the aftermath of the Earthquake and Tsunami of Mar 3rd, 2011, the community in Ishinomaki, Japan begun the long and painful task of reconstruction and rehabilitation. Repairing buildings and infrastructure is often the easy part – the human soul is far more fragile and that healing process is a far more difficult one.

Activities: SHINE Humanity’s project with California-based KWN and Tohuku-based PCAT focused on providing victims of the Tsunami with mental health support services. Activities included individual and group therapy sessions, using culturally-sensitive techniques and approaches, as well as retreats, volunteer training, public education and awareness, and local capacity building.

Accomplishments: The ground teams in Ishinomaki served 1,789 beneficiaries with individual and group support services. The public education videos served as tools to educate medical professionals and others about the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The volunteer training booklets our teams prepared, assisted future volunteers to continue the activities we had initiated, while the children’s toys and supplies the agency provided gave much needed therapeutic relief to the youngest of the Tsunami survivors.