SHINE Humanity’s goal is to improve the health status of underprivileged and crisis-stricken communities by providing support for:

  • Sustainable, affordable, and quality healthcare services
  • Under-funded and/or damaged public healthcare infrastructure.
  • Staffing, resource, and management gaps in the healthcare system.
  • Comprehensive training and public education campaigns.


SHINE Humanity Garibsons Clinic

Located in Gharo, and managed in collaboration with Garibson’s, this clinic is run by a team of 4 qualified doctors who provide outpatient primary care, preventive health education and anti-natal services. In house pharmacy, ultrasound and referral services to hospitals in the city are also available.

Though patients pay a nominal amount for consultations, three days of medications are provided free of cost. Chronic patients receive a regular supply of life saving medications from the clinic.

This clinic treats an average of 200 patients per day

Gharo Clinic

Zia Abbas Haider Memorial Clinic

Since 2019 we are proud to be in partnership with Koohi Goth Hospital with our clinic located  within the premises of the hospital building. Koohi Goth Hospital is the only charity fistula treatment center in South Asia. Till now it was lacking a primary care component which SHINE Humanity was able to provide. The patients are provided free consultations and medications, they can also use the lab testing facility available at the hospital.


In April 2021 Mumtaz and Munawar Haider began sponsorship of this clinic and the clinic has been named Zia Abbas Memorial Clinic in memory of their son.  SHINE Humanity is able to treat an average 50 patients per day at the clinic.

Zohra and Mumtaz Welfare Trust Clinic.

Located in Mirpur Sakro this clinic is built and funded by the Zohra and Mumtaz Welfare Trust. Since January 2020 SHINE Humanity has been managing the clinic, treating an average of 60 patients a day at this modern facility. The Zohra and Mumtaz WelfareTrust clinicis located about 25 kilometers from Gharo, surrounded by numerous villages that until now have had no access to quality healthcare. This clinic is providing a much needed service to an underserved area.

Satellite Clinics

SHINE Humanity is providing quality healthcare to rural areas with its outreach clinics. In collaboration with our partners the villages of Gul Hasan Samoo,  Pir Dariyabad other surrounding coastal villages are served by two doctors with once weekly visits.

Container Clinics

SHINE Humanity is proud to be launching its first ever Mobile Container Clinic. Equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and sophisticated medical service systems, this Container Clinic will make its rounds through various rural locales in Sindh, thus expanding its outreach.


Diabetes, Hyperlipidemia and Hypertension

To tackle the IDF’s ranking of Pakistan as number 2 of 21 countries for the prevalence of diabetes in the Middle East and North Africa region, SHINE Humanity is engaged in a prevention and treatment program that will help curtail Pakistan’s diabetes epidemic. Working in collaboration with Hussaini Blood Bank and test labs, we have screen and enroll patients in our treatment program. This treatment program costs Rs. $230 per patient per year, and we at SHINE strive to treat as many as 200 diabetes patients by the end of 2023. We also offer additional hypertension and hyperlipidemia checks to provide preventative and curative solutions.

Hepatitis C

In Pakistan, where almost 12 million people are suffering from Hepatitis B or C, there is a dire need for prevention and control of the disease. SHINE Humanity has joined hands with The Health Foundation to play its role in curbing this epidemic. SHINE Humanity covers pre and post testing costs, which cost about to $37 per test, while the Health Foundation provides costs of medication. We offer a three-month long treatment program and offer free screenings and random tests.

Community Outreach

SHINE Humanity has collaborated with Gharibsons to initiate a Community Outreach Program geared at spreading health and hygiene awareness, engaging with communities, and offering services to tackle their most pressing health needs. Our Public Health Specialist, Dr. Khalid Pervaiz, will be heading this program, to widen the educational and practical needs of rural populations.

Asthma Management.

SHINE Humanity aims to set up a program to diagnose and treat Asthma at its SHINE Humanity Garibson’s clinic. Diagnosed patients will receive treatment and follow up sessions to monitor their process. Community education on Asthma management will also be provided.

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Continued Medical Education

SHINE Humanity offers our local doctors the facility of Continuing Medical Education (CME). Doctors can register for CME, and will be offered monthly live sessions from specialists and health experts from all over the world, to expand their knowledge base and implement new skills and technologies on their patients in Pakistan.

Special Initiatives


Helping Babies Breathe

Helping Babies Breathe (HBB) is a neonatal resuscitation curriculum developed on the premise that assessment at birth and simple newborn care can prevent infant mortality. This project, spearheaded by a SHINE humanity advisor has helped train midwives and nurses in Karachi and Lahore. With your help, we aim to take this program to every major city in the country.

SHINE humanity provides the training mannequins which are handed over to the midwifes or to the hospital where training is being conducted so that they can be used to train further medical professionals.

We have trained more than 2,700 medical professionals with over a 100 master trainers. This is a program that saves lives.

Paani Project

Clean water availability is an important inequity rural communities in underdeveloped countries face. The health of these communities is closely tied to the ability to access clean water and is seen by SHINE Humanity as one of the keys to transforming healthcare. To address this issue, we have set up RO plants at Mirpur Khaas and Sajjawal. There is also a plant at Mirpur Sakro which is located right next to our  clinic in the same location. By providing clean water to the patients and nearby residents in one of the poorest regions in the country, we are ensuring that our approach to healthcare is holistic and goes beyond just consultations and medications. More of these units (clinic + RO plants) are planned in the months ahead.

Electronic Medical Records system

This flagship program will help us achieve paperless clinics, creating greater transparency and interconnectedness between our different clinics



Telemedicine Clinic

We collaborated with Sehat Kehani to open our first telemedicine clinic in January of 2019, Rural communities often lack access to qualified medical professionals.

Telemedicine has enabled us  to expand our services to the underserved population of Tando Hyder in Hyderabad District
Patients are screened by a qualified physician extender who connects them with a physician remotely, using a specialized EMR program. These physicians provide the necessary expertise in diagnosis and treatment of these patients.

All digital records are maintained making followups easier and more effective.

We see an average of 600 patients a month at the clinic

Giving Back

Medical Mission

Gilgit Baltistan

An invitation by Pakistan Army Medical Corps led to SHINE Humanity undertaking a medical mission to the remote areas of Gilgit Baltistan. In April 2019 a team of 41 dedicated medical professionals travelled to Skardu.  In the space of just 4 days, these hardworking volunteers mostly from the USA and UK treated over 4000 patients and performed more than 100 surgeries in 2 hospitals, CMH and DHQ Skardu.

Rohingya Refugees

In 2018 SHINE Humanity coordinated with OBAT Helpers to take a team of volunteer doctors to help the Rohingya refugees near Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh. Working in harsh conditions these dedicated professionals treated their patients and listened to their stories. Your donations meant we could distribute care packages of food, clothing and blankets.

Food Drive


Thanks to our donors The Aziz and Razia Dharamsey Family Foundation and in collaboration with Ehsaas Foundation and Karachi Relief Trust, SHINE Humanity was able to distribute over 1000 bags of food in the villages of Thatta.  Each family received a month’s supply of staples such as Cooking Oil, Atta and Sugar, designed to feed a family of 7.



In the summer of 2020 at the height of the Covid-19 epidemic, SHINE Humanity in collaboration with Akhuwat USA and The Zohra and Mumtaz Welfare Association launched a food drive. In the impoverished villages around Mirpur Sakro, Gharo and Karachi we were able to distribute 4000 food packages containing staples such as Atta, Pulses, Cooking Oil and Sugar.

Past Projects


Sina Clinic, Baldia Town​

SINA in collaboration with SHINE provides primary and preventive healthcare, pharmacy, ultrasound and laboratory services to needy residents of Baldia Town Karachi.

Around 2,000 patients seen every month.


From 2009 to 2013 Shine Humanity was a disaster relief organization providing health and humanitarian aid to beneficaries all over the world.

SHINE was involved in the aftermath of the 2005 earthquake in Pakistan, organizing a rehabilitation program that benefited over 400,000 people in Chikar, Kashmir.

SHINE was able to provide assistance during the 2009 IDP refugee crisis in Pakistan and also provided relief and rehabilitation after the epic floods of 2010 and 2011.

After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, SHINE organized volunteer medical teams in collaboration with many international organizations. Patients received emergency medical care, diagnostics, minor surgery and postoperative care as well as donated medication, food and water.

Shine Humanity Past Projects

R.B.U.T Pediatric Ward, Shikarpur

As part of its relief efforts SHINE provided support to the pediatric wards of the Government run Civil Hospital. An average of 1050 children a month were assured free medical treatment through SHINE’s continued support. This project has recently concluded after serving 45,000 children in six years.