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Pakistan Flood Relief and Rehabilitation 2011

Number of beneficiaries: Over 65,000 patients and humanitarian aid recipients Partners: Patrons of the Santa Fe International Folk Art Museum, Comprehensive Disaster Response Services(CDRS), UM Healthcare trust, Global Disaster Relief Foundation & Begum Effendi Group of Hospitals (BEGH), Islamabad Jeep Club, Real Medicine Foundation, Health Ministry, Shikarpur Sindh, International Development and Relief Foundation(IDRF), Global Giving Foundation and HEART Canada
Context: Victims of the previous year’s floods were hit yet again with another catastrophe as livelihoods and homes were destroyed in torrential rainfall in August 2011. Approximately 7 million people were affected, of which half were children. A land area of 1.7 million acres, 1.2 million homes and 64,000 livestock were lost due to rising waters. Many families were able to reach relief camps but some one million people were left stranded on the road-side. During the course of rehabilitation of the victims, SHINE Humanity shifted its focus on advancing mother-child health infrastructure, developing and training local medical staff, creating management systems, and supplying medicine and medical materials.

Activities: SHINE Humanity assisted with emergency food and non-food items. Subsequently, we focused our efforts on nutrition program and mobile medical services for those displaced and living in temporary shelters and setting up a Primary care clinic in Charsadda, a Mother and Child Health service in Bagh Dheri and continuation of support for the pediatrics wards at the R.B.U.T Civil hospital in Shikarpur.clinics

Accomplishments: Over September 2011, the ground teams distributed over 40 pound food baskets consisting of rice, lentils, milk, tea and other essentials to over 260 families of minority groups seeking shelter on higher ground in and around Badin, Sindh. In October 2011, we provided medical services to 5,325 patients who were suffering primarily from water borne illnesses and poor hygiene.

The Community Clinic in Charsadda served 12272 men, women and children . These individuals were affectees of the floods, and continued to live in temporary shelters scattered throughout the district.

The Mother Child Center in Swat served 30,005 beneficiaries with primary and preventive care besides maternal health services. This disaster-torn community in Bagh Dheri had, for the first time, access to outpatient, emergency and patient referral service; a pharmacy, laboratory and a safe birth center. The Pediatric Wards at Shikarpur District Headquarters Hospital continues to provide treatment for a 1,000 malnourished and severely-ill children every month.