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Japan’s Earthquake & Tsunami 2011

Initiation: March 2011
Completion: July 2011
Number of beneficiaries: 8,000 humanitarian beneficiaries

Partners: Fuel Relief Fund, Global Giving Foundation, NPO North Marin County
Context: An earthquake of magnitude 9.0 hit off the coast of Japan on March 11th, 2011 and caused a massive Tsunami. Nearly 16,000 lives were lost and the earthquake and tsunami caused extensive and severe structural damage in Japan, including heavy damage to roads and railways as well as fires in many areas, and a dam collapse. SHINE Humanity joined the international relief effort to deliver humanitarian assistance to the victims of this disaster.

Activities: The Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Project was implemented in two phases: Phase I: Emergency Fuel Relief (April 2011) SHINE Humanity partnered with a Riverside-based nonprofit, the Fuel Relief Fund, to deliver heating oil and gas to over 4,000 beneficiaries in townships around Ishinomaki, Japan, an area devastated by the tsunami. With over 90 percent of the homes here impacted, most families were huddled in cold shelters and our fuel relief trucks were the only ones active in this area.

Phase II: Debris Clearing and Shelter Supplies (June-July 2011) – In the second phase, SHINE Humanity collaborated with various Japanese grassroots groups active in Ishinomaki City to use heavy vehicles to clear debris and sanitize public facilities, as well as citizens’ homes and shelters. We also supplied shelter residents with essentials like diapers, formula, antiseptic solution, and batteries.

Accomplishments: SHINE Humanity helped over 4,000 families living in shelters with heating oil and necessary provisions to survive, and assisted devastated communities to return to their homes and restore community life they once enjoyed.