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Aasra General Hospital, Gharo

In April of 2013, SHINE started a new project at the Aasra General Hospital, in the rural town of Gharo, located in the province of Sindh. This area in Pakistan has a population of over 70,000, mostly underprivileged people. Under funded as well as underutilized, this facility under SHINE Humanity has seen the number of patients grow ever since it started. The SHINE team has focused on providing outpatient care, such as primary care, urgent care for minor cuts and wounds, stabilization of patients with diarrhea or asthma attacks, referral services, and ante natal care for pregnant women. There is a follow up on vaccinations, nutrition and supplement requirements to ensure a safe pregnancy and a healthy outcome. Staff at Aasra General also make sure that all children receive their vaccinations on time and refer them to the Expanded Program for immunization nearby, in cases where they haven’t been vaccinated. Due to the prevalence of tobacco chewing, Pakistan has one of the highest incidences of oral cancer in the region. An educational program aims to set in place the  education of  individuals and communities  on the hazards of tobacco use. SHINE Humanity has also partnered with the nonprofit organization Husaini Hematology and Oncology Trust, for the provision of quality-assured diagnostic laboratory and blood transfusion services. [google map link:]