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Current Projects

SHINE Humanity – Current Projects

Access to quality healthcare is a right that is denied to the majority in Pakistan.
Currently SHINE Humanity is supporting two projects in Sindh, Pakistan that are in great need. The goal of these projects is to provide accessible, affordable and quality healthcare to these communities and eventually develop a sustainable infrastructure.

Our most recently concluded project is the support of the Pediatric Wards of the R.B.U.T Civil Hospital Shikarpur. Ever since the devastating floods of 2010, SHINE Humanity had been providing free medicines and medical supplies to needy patients admitted to the ward. In the past six years, around 75,000 patients have benefitted directly from our program. Success of our efforts can be measured by the fact that mortality rate in these wards fell by one third in the time that were there.

SHINE Humanity- Gharo Clinic:

After 3 and half years of providing medical services in Gharo,SHINE Humanity moved out of Aasra General Hospital to it’s present location in 2015. This clinic is located in the very heart of Gharo town and is easily accessible to all. Ever since our relocation we have seen the number of patients rise substantially month after month. The SHINE team’s main focus is on providing primary care, urgent care for minor cuts and wounds, stabilization of patients with diarrhea or asthma attacks, referral services, and ante natal care for pregnant women

Sina  Baldia Town Primary Healthcare Clinic, Karachi:

In July 2013, we undertook the co-support of Sina Health & Education Welfare Trust’s charitable Primary Healthcare Clinic in Baldia Town, Karachi. This clinic serves to alleviate some of the healthcare burdens of the low income beneficiaries who visit this clinic. It also provides specialty care services for asthma, allergies, diabetes, hypertension, hepatitis, psycho-social counseling, and laboratory, ultrasound and X ray services. An average of about 2000 patients receive quality assured treatment at this facility each month.

SHINE Humanity – Paani Project:

SHINE Humanity is happy to announce that we are the recipients of the Ogaswara Foundation Grant, Japan. The $100,000 Grant will enable us to launch a drinking water project in Sindh, using passive solar distillation. Solar distillation has been proven to reduce the presence of viruses, bacteria, and protozoa in drinking water, reducing the incidence of diarrheal diseases—a leading cause of preventable death.

The project would also help mitigate the prevalence of debilitating diseases such as malaria, cholera, trachoma, shigella, schistosomiasis, and arsenic poisoning.

We will be installing community stills in small villages around Gharo. These “Sal Stills” are engineered and produced by Voltek Energy, Inc. They are durable, easy to use, and simple to maintain with a lifespan of 5-10 years. With no moving parts, Sal Still requires no electricity input, making deployment possible anywhere. It desalinates and purifies contaminated surface water, brackish and seawater. Sal Still has the potential to immediately improve the lives of numerous families, and have a long-term positive impact on public health in Pakistan and around the globe.

The Grant will be used to cover the production cost of the water stills, logistics, initial assembly, manpower setup and community training for the beneficiaries. For more information regarding the technology behind the unique Sal Still, please feel free to contact Juzer Jangbarwala at

For all other inquiries please contact SHINE Humanity’s Developmental Director, Naila Ahmed, at

Helping Babies Breathe Program:

Helping Babies Breathe (HBB) is a neonatal resuscitation curriculum for resource-limited circumstances, developed on the premise that assessment at birth and simple newborn care are things that every baby deserves and that initial steps taught in HBB can save lives and give a better start to many babies who struggle to breathe at birth. On behalf of SHINE Humanity, Dr. Naghmana Shafi has been giving training workshops on HBB to nurses, doctors, midwives and LHV’s for the past 3 years. Already she has trained over 500 professionals including 150 master trainers.

This year she will be taking these workshops to Lahore for the first time.